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Our mission is to improve the outlook on Online Dating by providing a service that gives you better ways to describe yourself and meet people who are compatible with you.

The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, and for the last decade social apps have been connecting us to people, places and ideas we would never otherwise have the opportunity to encounter.

Perhaps you’ll hear the occasional rant of someone degrading social media (usually on a social media platform), but most often it’s due to the people who are leaving inappropriate comments, and not the social network itself.

But when you Google online dating sites, more often than not you’ll find scathing reports of online dating users who are unsatisfied with their experiences.  There are blogs dedicated to bad online dating experiences, creepy messages, and bad profiles to beware of.  And these reports don’t just come from independent bloggers - major publications like Bustle and The Atlantic have reported on negative dating experiences (Check out some of Michelle Toglia’s articles.)

Not to mention, while we’ve been conducting market research over the last 6 months, we almost always see the “verbal eye-rolling” by people who have tried online dating and won’t look back, or vehemently swear they’ll never use it after hearing about an experience of a friend.

It’s for this reason that we’re dedicated to sparking the Better Online Dating Movement.

The internet is powerful enough, techies smart enough, and entrepreneurs creative enough to build a platform that can alleviate many of the problems stated in these articles and blog posts.  

It’s time we see some serious innovation in online dating, and squeeze out every drop of potential that the internet and the users therein can provide.

Matchmaking algorithms originated in the 1960s, and personals services came about shortly after.  Then when the 90’s came around, it was cool to take things from the “real world” and put them online. That’s when we started to see online dating sites like Match, eHarmony and Yahoo!Personals come around.

But 20 years later, the internet has gone beyond digitizing brick-and-mortar concepts, and have created entities that are made solely for the Internet- there’s no real-life, global versions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc..

And while so many online concepts have changed over the years, there have been few if any significant changes to most online dating sites.  The algorithms have been updated, for sure, and made to be more sophisticated; we’ve added the mobile element, followed by the geolocating, app-first approach.  But even a newer site like Tinder, which certainly has changed the industry in a lot of ways (for better or for worse), shows no real difference than the hot-or-not sites that have almost always been around (Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s pre-Facebook “FaceMash?”)

It’s for these reasons that we’re pushing for a change.  Simply because the Internet is way too powerful, and there are way too many awesome people out there, to continue with this trend.

We are encouraging ALL ONLINE DATING SERVICES to listen to their customers and make the necessary changes that improve their online dating experience.

We envision an online dating world where people have real chance to meet someone who’s very compatible, and can offer a pleasant and meaningful date; where creepy messages and fake profiles are no longer the norm.

We envision an online dating world where services are viewed with optimism, promise and hope, instead of skepticism and pessimism.  

We believe there will be a day when people from all different backgrounds will be able to find a dating site that fits their personality, where they can meet people who share their mindset, and believe what they believe.

Online dating might not be for everyone, and there’s no problem with that.

But the internet is way too powerful to continue on this path of mediocrity, and it’s our duty as entrepreneurs, software developers and loving human beings to create a better service.