Introducing On For Friday

Introducing On For Friday

On For Friday is not your typical online dating site.

There are no long profiles to fill in, no matchmaking algorithms, and no hot-or-not games.

We threw away the old search-filter-message routine and exchanged it with posting, browsing and commenting - the same things you see on a social apps.

On For Friday is a social network made for people who want to meet someone new.

Imagine a site that works just like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter - except the people on the site live in your area and are interested in starting a relationship.

Your experience at On For Friday is all about 1. sharing content that describes who you are, 2. reading about content that is interesting to you, and 3. commenting on topics that you like to talk about.  All the while, the site is full of people in your area who want to go on a date.

Now, your profile is a stream of posts that you’ve shared with the community.  

You can share a post in a variety of different topics, like Local Food & Drink, Vacations, Pets, Fitness & Healthy Living, TV Shows, Music, and more.  By looking at your profile, members can get an idea about the things you’re interested in.

When you’re looking at someone else’s profile, you can see the array of posts that they’ve shared, and get a better idea of the things they like to talk about.  If you see a post that’s interesting to you, you can write a comment on the post and start a conversation with the author about that topic.

And, we share posts that are meant to get some different conversations started.  We ask questions about trending topics, favorite local spots, favorite recipes, music playlists, and more.  Nothing too heavy - just a little social content to spark a conversation.

That’s just the beginning.  We are really excited to show you all the different ways we are creating a better online dating experience.

Our mission is to give you more ways to describe yourself, and better ways to learn about new people. Our mission is to give you a better online dating site.

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