Go On Better Dates

Go On Better Dates

We spend pretty much all of our time thinking about how to create a better online dating experience, and introduce people to better dates.

It's not about better algorithms to create better matches. And it's not about creating a scientific approach to personality tests. It's definitely not about swiping for social discovery.

Better online dating is about starting a better conversation.

Think about meeting someone in person - not just for dating, but in any situation.  

The people that make a great impression are the ones that can carry a conversation anyone from the group.  They tell stories, they ask interesting questions, they engage, joke, and listen.  It's not about them - it's about the conversation

The best conversations usually don't start with someone telling you all about their personal qualities and showing off their selfies.

So why are most dating sites set up to do just that?

On For Friday creates better conversations by building an environment made for social discussion.  

  • We share posts about favorite topics, and let you respond to our questions and statements.  Here’s one place you can see what other people like to talk about, and you can comment with different people.

  • You can share a post about a topic that interests you, and let people comment on the post so you can see what people think.

  • Browse through other people’s posts and write a comment on their content, and watch how the conversation takes off.

Commenting on a post is a great way to get the conversation started, because you can talk about things you’re interested in, see who else is interested as well, and keep the conversation light-hearted and casual.

When you do find someone you want to talk with in more detail, you can send a message request and continue the conversation there.

This list could go on and on - you can talk about so many different things with many different people.  The opportunities for meaningful conversation are nearly endless.

Online dating shouldn't be about creating the "perfect" profile and hoping people search and find you.  

Online dating should be about showing all of your daily interests and starting a conversations with people who like what you like.

When you have better online conversations, it leads to a better first date. And that is better dating.

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