Building An Awesome Profile

Building An Awesome Profile

One thing we most often hear people say is "I hate writing about myself!" 

Working to alleviate this pain is at the core of our program.  That's why the written sections of your profile are short and to the point : "What I'm Like," and "What I'm Looking For."

Now, the main part of your profile becomes the content you post and the thoughts you share with your comments.

Here are a few suggestions to help you craft a great profile and meet people who will be a good match.

  1. Start With an Introduction Post.  Create a post that shows you doing something you love, whether it's cooking, biking, playing with your pets, or something else.  When people see someone happy, in action and being themselves, they tend to be more attracted.
  2. Write a short description of what you're doing and why you love it.  Maybe it's something you've always done and tells about your history; maybe it's something you just started doing and are excited about this new aspect of your life; or maybe it's something that tells people about your personality, habits and preferences.  Our best advice is to keep the description short and to the point (you can always expand on the topic in another post).
  3. Stay active on the comments.  When someone comments on one of your posts, be sure to say "Thanks" at the very least.  Even if it's someone that you might not be interested in, it pays to show consideration to those who have taken the time to reach out.  This will speak volumes to future commenters, and especially those that you are interested in.
  4. Post regularly, and post in a number of different topics.  The more you post, the more often you will show up in the newsfeed, giving you the best chance to be heard.  Plus, when someone goes to check out your profile, they'll have a bunch of content to browse through and will get a better idea of the kinds of things you like.  When you post in different topics, you'll not only show that you have a number of different things to talk about, but you'll also be exposed to different kinds of people. 
  5. Use a combination of photos, links and text. With only a little extra effort, creating posts with photos will dramatically improve your visibility and enhance the quality of your profile.  Don't feel like every post has to have a photo - some can be short descriptions, like a Tweet - but try to use a photo in at least half of your posts.  You can also make your posts more creative by using links to articles, videos and other websites that you find interesting.  Sharing a link is a great way to say a lot, without having to write it all out.  Simply copy a link and paste it on the post page, and people will be able to see the exact content you were looking at and interested in.

Here are a few topics that make for great posts.

  • Cooking - Post photos of your favorite recipes, prep. progress and finished dishes.  Sharing a meal you've recently made is a great way to show people what you like to eat, how you like to cook, and that you have some great skills to share.
  • Fitness - Whether it's yoga, hiking, biking, or at the gym, fitness lovers will be interested in other people who share their passion.  You can post pics of your progress ("increased my run from 2 to 4 miles this month!"), motivational posts (what gets you out of bed and to the gym), or a new pair of sneakers, gloves or helmet.  People who dig fitness will dig posts about fitness.
  • Your Art and Music - It's always great to share a youtube video or pandora station that you've been into lately, but what really stands out is when people share their own content.  It could be a link to your band's page, or iTunes profile, a photo of your recent painting or sculpture, or you can send people to your portfolio website.  This is an especially great way to show off your best features without having to write them all out.

This list could go on and on, and in the near future we'll share more suggestions for creating a post.

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself!  

You've got a lot to show off, so don't be bashful.  Share some posts that talk about your best qualities, and find people who admire you and want to start talking.


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