Begin with the end in mind: A Relationship

On For Friday is made for starting relationships.

On For Friday is made for starting relationships.

And it’s really easy!

  1. Write comments on posts

  2. Share your own posts so people know what you’re like

  3. Start a conversation with someone in the comments, and send them a Message Request to continue the conversation in privately.

It works just like a social network - except everyone here is from your area, and they are looking to start a relationship.

To give yourself the best chance at meeting someone new, stay up to date on our trending topics, and leave comments regularly.

  • We post questions to the community, which allow you to talk about your interests with other people who can relate.
  • Find some topics you are interested and leave comments so people know what you’re like.

You can also post your own content, ask the community questions or teach something.

  • Share a photo with a caption, or write a short story about your favorite topic.

  • You can also share links to articles you find interesting, or about topics you want to talk about.

Respond to other people’s comments, and let them know you like what they like.

  • Keep it simple - mention why you like their comment, and give some insight into your thoughts, and how they relate.

  • After talking with someone in the comments, click their message icon to send a request if you want to continue the conversation privately.

The best strategy is to keep your profile active, and let people know you’ve been recently involved in the conversations.

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