Keeping Away The Creepers

Keeping Away The Creepers

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from online daters is the rampant, unwanted and unnecessary creepiness that pervades most dating sites.

Think about it - if you join most free dating sites, ANYONE can message you ANYTHING, and unless you choose to share the screenshot, no one will really know about it.

Some sites allow only paying members to send messages, which helps a bit, but once again, anyone who’s willing to pay can send pretty much any kind of message they want.

Newer sites like Tinder and Bumble make it so that two people need to mutually swipe in order to send a message, which is definitely a good approach.

But the problem is, when you’re just looking at bunch of selfies and a short bio - do you really know who that “mutual match” is, and what kind of message you’re going to receive?

Our solution to keeping away the creepers is three levels strong.

  1. Message Invitations.

    • Similar to a few other apps out there, we’ve also implemented the mutual matching system.  People can only message each other if both parties are interested.  

    • This is the first level. No one can message you unless you allow it.

  2. Easier Introductions.

    • Instead of starting the conversation in a private message, you can make an easier introduction by commenting on a post. The comment should be about the content, and not a personal topic.  It’s not the place to ask for a number or suggest a date - it’s the place to start a conversation about a common interest, and see if it warrants further discussion.

    • It takes a bit more thought to write a comment, compared to just messaging someone and saying, “Sup, Daddy-o.” (Yes, our founder, Michael, has actually gotten that message before.)

    • Instead of a private message, these comments will be public. Instead of just scaring away one potential match, that weirdo who decides to get frisky will now be ostracized by the whole community. (Not to mention, we’ll probably kick them out pretty shortly after.)

    • This way, if you’ve been commenting back and forth with someone for a few days, you can have a more realistic expectation of how the conversation will go if you open it up to a private message.

  3. Better Profiles.  

    • When someone’s profile is a stream of posts and social content, you can get a much better idea of who that person is and what they’re interested in, before you start to message each other.  

    • It’s hard to believe someone is a “fitness enthusiast” if they haven’t shared any photos from the gym, a jog or a yoga class.  

    • But when someone says they’re a real foodie, and their profile is filled with posts from top-notch restaurants, complex homemade recipes, and a spotless kitchen, you can trust they’re telling you the truth.

There may not be a perfect way to keep the creepers out of your inbox.

But if you can get a better idea about the person by reading a dynamic, content-based profile, and you can start a casual conversation with them by commenting on their posts, you will have a much better opportunity to open up your inbox to people that you’ll actually want to talk to.

This is one thing we’re doing to give you a better online dating experience.

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