Telling your story with posts

Telling your story with posts

Click the + POST button to start creating a post.  

Choose the conversation and topic that you’d like to discuss, and start filling in the content.

Each post has to have a conversation and topic, as well as a description.  Photos, links and brands are optional (hint: posts with photos do much better than posts without).

Double check your spelling and grammar, and then submit!

A few ways to get more interaction with your posts

  1. Ask open-ended questions - try to ask questions that form a discussion, and give people a way to tell a story about their interests

  2. Tell a story - instead of just a photo and a one-liner, tell a short story about your experiences so you can let people know how you think.  Keep it light, short (and even humorous), so you grab people’s attention and get them to read.

  3. Post about topics you really love - people will take note of your sincerity.  Even if they’re not as interested in the topic as you are, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and passion.

  4. Post about something topical - if you’re not sure what to say about yourself, write a post about something that’s going on in the world.  Share your thoughts on the topic, and ask other people what they think.

Tap into your other social networks to find interesting content that matters to you.  

Selfies are great, but people will appreciate thoughtful posts, and they love responding to questions.

Let us know if there are any topics you want to discuss, but aren’t currently on the site.

Happy Posting!

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